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IAAHPC promotes the hospice philosophy of care: By utilizing a team of professionals to help facilitate care of terminally ill animals, and to support the animals' families that are making decisions before, around and after the patients' death.

Our Mission

IAAHPC promotes hospice/palliative care for animal companions as an alternative to premature euthanasia and as an alternative to prolonged suffering which can result either from isolating an animal in intensive care or from inadequately treating the animal at home.

IAAHPC emphasizes the terminally ill animal's quality of life and recognizes that hospice/palliative care provides the animal's family precious quality time with the animal, and helps the family cope with the approaching death of their beloved companion.

IAAHPC recognizes that different belief systems exist regarding the meaning of life and death of companion animals, what they experience during active dying and what happens after death.

Hospice care for animals is not new. We owe deep gratitude to the pioneers who have been practicing and preaching the philosophy for years. But the need for animal hospice/palliative care is immeasurably greater than what is currently available. Now that the demand for and interest in animal hospice/palliative care is increasing, the time has come to work together to give the field direction and momentum.

The challenge facing IAAHPC is that many animal owners/guardians/parents don't know enough about animal hospice/palliative care services to seek them; and that many veterinarians don't know enough about the benefits hospice care can offer their patients and clients, and therefore don't provide hospice services and/or information about them.

IAAHPC is a membership organization, open to any person who would like to contribute to a constructive discussion as we learn from each other's knowledge and experience.

IAAHPC is committed to being an organization that is inclusive in its philosophy; it will represent different professions and differing viewpoints of animal hospice/palliative care, end of life, and death and dying.

Some in the animal hospice movement see their own views as diametrically opposed to other views. But whether we like it or not, the animals and society will be best served by focusing on our common interests and by respecting our differences.