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Obtain a Social Work Certificate in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care!

Registration Opens in April and will remain open year round
Projected graduation by October 2021
3-24 months to complete (option of 2 conferences to attend)

The AHPC Social Work Certificate is the process by which a non-governmental organization grants recognition to an individual who has demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skill and ability. Obtaining the AHPC Social Work Certificate means that one has met specific requirements including training, experience and education, and has passed a series of post-tests. The AHPC Social Work Certificate indicates a substantial professional commitment to the field and documents this experience to employers, colleagues, and clients. Establish your credibility and gain the confidence of employers and clients by achieving the AHPC Social Work Certificate.

The AHPC Social Work Certificate Program standardizes and defines the skills and knowledge required of individuals and organizations offering animal hospice and palliative care, and establishes standard of care for these services that will reflect a level of excellence achieved by those individuals who have obtained the AHPC Social Work Certificate.

The AHPC SW certificate program is a 61 hour NASW approved continuing education program that is presented in ten modules, nine online (37.5 hours) and one onsite at the IAAHPC conference (23.5 hours.) The program begins with an overview of fundamental concepts and progresses to cover the unique challenges of providing veterinary medical, nursing, and psychosocial support as related to the animal hospice model. The program is designed to be completed over a four to 16 month period. The flexible format is designed to allow students to create a curriculum timeline that best fits their busy schedule and CE renewal cycle. Online modules are composed of streaming lectures and activities that students can complete and submit at their own pace.

The on-site module is offered once each year and is held in conjunction with the IAAHPC conference. Here, students will partake in a wet lab that gives students the opportunity to be introduced to euthanasia techniques and supportive interventions for the human family members. On site conference sessions will allow for small group activities with individualized instruction from leaders in the field of animal hospice, and networking opportunities with hospice-minded colleagues that will help facilitate learning well after the course is completed.