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TOTAL COST OF TUITION for the AHPC Social Work Certificate: $1,150 for Licensed Social Workers

Tuition is paid in two stages. The fee structure is as follows:

Module 1-9 - Online Module, 37.5 hours: $700
Module 10 - Onsite Conference and Euthanasia Lab Module, 23.5 hours: $450 *Travel expenses are additional and the responsibility of each student.

Should you decide to drop out of your IAAHPC AHPC Social Work Certificate Program, or if you are unable to meet any of the module deadlines (including post-tests, full conference attendance and completion of the required labs), the following will apply:

  • If you wish to re-enroll in the AHPC Social Work Certificate program, there is a $350 reenrollment fee
  • Please note that re-enrollment is only offered for the following consecutive year!
  • If you do re-enroll for the following consecutive year, you do not have to complete any modules that you have successfully completed that previous year
  • However, if you are unable to re-enroll the following consecutive year, you will need to begin the AHPC Social Work Certificate program over, as if you were a new student, including resubmitting your application, paying for, and retaking all modules (even if they were previously completed) 

Application: Your completed application form and all necessary supporting documentation should be submitted to the IAAHPC, through the student portal, and will be evaluated to confirm that you meet or exceed the program entry requirements. If your application is rejected for any reason, including, without limitation, incomplete, inaccurate or unverifiable information, your application fee minus a $200 administration fee will be refunded.

Refunds: Program fees are non-transferable. Candidates requesting to withdraw from the program after submitting an application will be charged an administrative fee of $200.00. Credit card transactions that are declined may be subject to a $25 handling fee.