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Our AHPC SW Certificate Program consists of 9 online modules and 1 onsite module.  

Module 1 Social Work Certificate Overview

Module 2 The Interdisciplinary Team and Social Worker Role

Module 3  The AHPC Need

Module 4 The Veterinarian Role in Hospice

Module 5 The AHPC Client Needs

Module 6 The Nursing Role in Hospice

Module 7 End of Life and Euthanasia

Module 8 Healing

Module 9 The Business of AHPC

Onsite Module 10: Conference and Euthanasia Lab (completed at conference).

This onsite module is held in conjunction with the IAAHPC Annual Conference.  Conference attendance is required giving you the choice to attend one in two years. Mandatory completion of the required half-day Euthanasia Techniques Lab, even if previously taken. Preparing the Children’s textbook is provided at conference 

The AHPC Social Work Certificate is awarded at the annual conference.