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Thank you for your interest in being an IAAHPC volunteer! 

The IAAHPC has been comprised entirely of volunteers since our inception in 2008. We are pleased to have you join the growing number of IAAHPC members dedicating their efforts to guarantee the continued growth of our field.

Volunteering is for you!
Make a difference in our developing field
Build camaraderie with like-minded and enthusiastic colleagues
Add new and exciting professional opportunities to your resume
Pay it forward! Apply your skills for the betterment of companion animals and their people everywhere.

How to use our volunteer listings
Take a look at our ongoing projects.  Do you see a Title/Task or Project that appeal to you?
Do you see a Project Lead with whom you’d like to work?
Do you have talents or skills that match with the ones listed?
Does a particular task with a finite time commitment attract you? Look for those!

Title: Volunteer Relations Committee Member
Project: Volunteer Relations
Lead: Michelle Nichols, Board Member and Volunteer Relations Chairperson

Project Description: 
The IAAHPC has the potential to grow stronger and reach more people in the world with a larger force of leaders and team members. This is a new IAAHPC committee so we’ll do a lot of brainstorming with big potential! You would partner on program development creating processes for recruitment, management, retention, and appreciation of volunteers. Your co-chair has 6 years of volunteer management for the greater Seattle based nonprofit, the Animal Hospice, End of Life and Palliative Care Project, or AHELPProject. The answer to IAAHPC’s future lies within our membership - it’s up to us to make it the best it can be!

* Interfacing with Board Members and Team Leaders and Project Managers to create a volunteer job description.
* Overseeing content on the Volunteer Relations page on
* Recruiting volunteers through networking, community outreach, and regular call-outs (newsletter, email blasts, Facebook posts, etc.)
* Strive to better understand the needs of IAAHPC’s Committees and Project Leaders
* Connect leaders with prospective volunteers to work on their Project Team or Committee.
* Create systems for engagement, retention, and appreciation.

Time Commitment: 5-10 hrs/month

* Have experience in working with volunteers and/or as a volunteer enjoy networking with new members.
* Have experience in Google Docs (but we train!)
* Enjoy email and phone correspondence.

Contact: Michelle Nichols at and 1-425-223-5722 (PST)

Task: IAAHPC members - Who and Where are we?
Project: International Committee
Lead: Lianna Titcombe, IAAHPC President and International Committee Chair

Project Description:
The IAAHPC seeks to create programs that will be well suited to the needs of our growing international membership, specifically the Conference Committee and Certification Task Force. We will develop a database showing where these members are located and seek to determine what their interests are from the information we have collected thus far.

* Analyzing existing Excel spreadsheet of ~ 400 active IAAHPC members
* Categorizing according to country of origin and by job description.

Time commitment: Less than 1 day

* Excel software on your computer
* The ability to create a table of the results.

Contact: Lianna Titcombe, IAAHPC President, at:

Title: Business Subcommittee Co-chairperson
Project: Business Support Groups
Leads: Immediate Past President Dr. Kathy Cooney and Rebecca McComas (co-chairs)

Project Description:
Provide virtual monthly business meetings for IAAHPC members to aid in business management and best practices for growth and sustainability. When a Group reaches a maximum of 10 members, a new one will form. Each Group will be led by one lead professional. Group leaders will be working independently with their group members with the goal of an annual brunch at conference to network together.

* Keep a list of current group members
* Track attendance at the meetings
* Start the GoToMeeting platform on time each session and hold the meeting to 1.5 hours
* Answer questions for members and help lead discussion in constructive ways
* Follow up with member questions in a timely manner or refer them to co-chairs
* Encourage participation and positive attitudes

Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month (1.5 hours for meeting, the rest for any follow-up)

* At least 3 years in an animal hospice service
* Business training
* Strong communication and organizational skills
* A desire to help others succeed

Inquiries: Rebecca McComas -

Title: Marketing Committee member
Name: Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Certification Program
Lead: Dr. Tyler Carmack, Secretary/Treasurer and Marketing Chairperson

Project Description:
To develop a marketing plan for the Certification Program and work to promote our efforts through social media and other marketing channels

* Develop a marketing timeline for the Certification Program for 2016
* Develop marketing strategies to spread the word of the Certification Program
* Submit Facebook posts to IAAHPC Marketing Chair and interact with our audience there.
* Write content on the Certification Program for newsletter to KJ
* Serve as the liaison to TF co-chairs, Shea Cox and Amir Shanan

Time Commitment: 4-8 hr/month

* Creativity/creative vision
* Writing skills
* Marketing experience

Contact: Michelle Nichols, 

Title: Speaker Support
Project Name: Conference Committee Member
Project Lead: Tammy Wynn, Conference Chairperson and Dr. Lynn Hendrix, Speaker Coordinator and Board Member

Project Description:
You would assist the Speaker coordinator in selecting the strongest speakers for the 2017 IAAHPC conference. Team effort is required, but there will be some individual work as well. Our committee will come together in the early part of February and March to review each speaker, the abstracts submitted and find the best speakers for the conference. You would also be involved in the conference, making sure the speakers have what they need to fulfill their roles. AV knowledge is helpful. You would get to see the proceedings before anyone else! You would meet the speakers, get to know them, and field their questions. We've found that our committee becomes very close, engaging with one another to attain common goals.

* Reviewing and vetting each speaker and their abstract.
* Placing in categories and ranking 1st to last.
* Sending letters to speakers, and getting RACE information together. Will split the speakers into groups for each volunteer.
* Receiving proceedings, coordinating with Speaker Coordinator.
* Must MC a room, perhaps for the whole conference, depending upon the number of volunteers to share the task.

Time Commitment:
February to April: 20-30+ total
August-Sept: 1-2 hours
October: Must be able to attend the conference

* Detail oriented
* Likes to do research
* Loves talking with people, public speaking
* Wants to be involved in the education of veterinarians, RVT'S and mental health professionals.
* Team oriented

Contact: Dr. Lynn Hendrix at

Title: Fund Development Committee Member
Project Name: Memorial Fund Development
Project Lead: Dr. Tyler Carmack, Secretary/Treasurer

Project Description:
You will develop and implement a fundraising program to include: 1) donations in memoriam or in honor of caretaker, and 2) sales of bereavement and death anniversary cards.

* Research or network with other organizations to develop a plan for collecting donations
* Contact other programs such as Morris Animal Foundation and Virginia Tech Vet School to research options
* Survey AHPC-focused and traditional veterinary practices to determine card program features they prefer
* Planning and Implementation.
* Collaborate with Web Development Committee to design donations page on
* Collaborate with Marketing Committee to promote.
* Develop record keeping system and tax receipt program.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month

* Enthusiastic about offering this program to animal caretakers and the public
* Enjoy researching, surveying, and logistics
* Enjoy networking with members of IAAHPC and other organizations
* Experienced in Google Docs (but we train!)

Contact: Tyler Carmack at

Title: Fund Development Committee Member
Name: Sponsorship Outreach
Lead: Dr. Tyler Carmack, Secretary/Treasurer and Fundraising Committee Member

Project Description: We will nurture relationships with conference sponsors to encourage them to pledge year-round financial support

* Create a targeted list of animal hospice and palliative care stakeholders.
* Identify ways to network with stakeholders' businesses.
* Research other sponsorship tactics.
* Create a formal sponsorship packet
* Negotiate sponsorships with target companies.
* Develop record keeping system

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month

* Enthusiastic about spreading the word about IAAHPC and its programs
* Enjoys networking with companies
* Comfortable with fundraising techniques
* Experienced with Google Docs (but we train)

Contact: Tyler Carmack:

Title: Fund Development Committee Member
Project: Fundraising Think Tank
Lead: Dr. Tyler Carmack, Secretary/Treasurer and Jenny Kachnic (Fundraising Chair)

Project Description: This group would brainstorm and develop sources of both active and passive income to support IAAHPC's continued growth.

* Attend brainstorming meetings
* Research revenue generating outlets (GoFundMe campaigns, Bravelets, etc…)
* Implement BOD-approved fundraising programs.
* Research fundraising techniques.
* Procure donations for silent auction at Conference

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month

* Be enthusiastic about spreading the word about IAAHPC and its programs
* Enjoy networking with members, sponsors, and outside organizations
* Have experience in Google Docs (but we train!)

Contact: Tyler Carmack:

Title: Membership/Marketing Committee Member
Project: Yearly Marketing and Public Relations assistance
Lead: Kathryn Jennings, Board Member and Marketing-Membership Chairperson

Project Description: Assistance with Marketing & PR initiatives throughout the year.

* Work independently and with a team to implement marketing initiatives
* Increase membership, awareness etc.
* Increase attendance at annual conference

Time commitment: 3-5+ hours

* Marketing 
* Public relations
* Non-profit experience
* Knowledge of social media 

Contact: Kathryn Jennings at

Title: 2016 Conference Committee Member
Project: Sponsor Relationships/Growth
Lead: Tammy Wynn, Conference Chairperson and Education Committee Chair

Project Description: The Conference needs to support itself and a big way we do that is through Sponsors. We have a list of companies that are a great fit for our conference. We have reached out to them with a letter at the end of last year asking them to consider sponsorship. Now we need to deepen our relationship with them and court them. You would be asked to take a number of sponsors, introduce yourself then answer any questions they may have and encourage them to sponsor the Conference. We would also be interested in adding new potential sponsors to our list so if there are vendors you use in your business they might like to reach hundreds more just like you. You will primarily work independently.

* Attend a conference briefing (conference call or email) to get excited about the conference this year
* Fully understand the steps a sponsor goes through to commit and what benefits they receive
* Understand levels of sponsorship
* Receive a list of sponsors
* Reach out by phone, email, and by letter to begin a relationship with them 
* Facilitate the follow through steps once a sponsor commits
* Be an ambassador to that sponsor at conference and if you cannot attend
* Offer suggestions of other companies that would be a fit for sponsorship and submit to Education Chair

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per month until conference in October

* Have a warm and inviting personality
* Ability to use hospitality gifts and bring more people into our family
* Ability to make cold call to start a mutually beneficial relationship

Contact: Tammy Wynn at

Task: Table Greeter and Liaison
Project: Volunteer Relations Committee
Leads: Michelle Nichols and Tammy Wynn

Project Description: greet prospective volunteers and answer questions about open positions already listed through Intermittently attending a table at the 2016 conference. If possible, you would connect prospective volunteers with the project leader with whom they’d be interested in joining. In case they have something not already listed, you would capture an idea of what they’d like to offer.

* At breaks, lunch, and before/after sessions, you would meet and chat with attendees at Conference about volunteering.
* Assist prospective volunteers with the sign-up process
* If none of the current positions are of interest to them, you’d give them a short questionnaire and collect when done
* Add more copies to the table as they are depleted
* Optional: email follow up with prospective volunteers after conference.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs at conference

* Attendance at 2016 Conference
* Interest in meeting IAAHPC leaders and attendees.

Contact: Michelle Nichols at or 1-425-223-5722 (PST)

YES! You’ve found something that fits what you’d like to do.
Please Contact the Project Lead or Volunteer Relations Chair, as directed, to learn more over email or phone. haven’t found anything there, but you have a special talent or skill to offer us:
Click on “Contact Volunteer Relations” and use the open field to describe what you have to offer.
A Volunteer Relations committee member will connect you with an appropriate IAAHPC leader.

Chairperson Michelle Nichols is a steadfast believer in the power of a strong membership to carry organizations like the IAAHPC into the future. Michelle is committed to volunteer satisfaction and welcomes your feedback in our developing Volunteer Relations Program.