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Welcome to the IAAHPC international page!

This page is designed for our international members to be able to connect with other non-U.S. based members. The practice of animal hospice may differ greatly in different countries – the language spoken, the training offered, the rules and regulations, and the medications available, for example.

We have representatives from many different countries who will be able to provide support and resources to the members in their region. All of these veterinarians are truly pioneers, doing ground-breaking work in this relatively new field of animal hospice. In many cases they are one of the first hospice veterinarians in the entire country.

Country Representatives

Dr. Lianna Titcombe
Ottawa, Ontario
Dr. Tiffany Ma
California, USA
Dr. Suzen Gregersen
West Sussex
Dr. Jackie Campbell
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Dr. Svenja Joswig
Dr. Patricia Montechiari
Rio de Janeiro
Dr. Els Nys
Wien (Vienna)

Translated Brochures

Here you will find translations of our introductory brochure into several different languages, to help introduce animal hospice into many different countries worldwide.  However, please see our Join & Support page for the most current membership pricing.

Spanish Serbian Hungarian Swedish Chinese
SpanishBrochure SerbianBrochure Hungarian Swedish Chinese
French Portuguese      
french portuguese      


French Support

We have included several client support documents in French, and hope to offer more foreign language documents in the future.

10 Ways to Cope 10 Ways to Memorialize Poem
10WaysToCopeFrench 10WaysToMemorializeFrench FrenchPoem

This is an exciting, innovative time for our profession. The more we reach out to other countries and work in collaboration, the more we learn and grow. Regardless of what country we are from or what language we speak, at the core for all of us is the undeniable desire to improve the end-of-life experience for these beloved animals and their devoted caregivers.